about james’ tarot consultations

A Tarot consultation can help you to:

  • objectively explore relationships of all types
  • gain practical strategies and advice about when to implement them
  • discover the basic nature of events
  • weigh the pros and cons of an issue
  • see the most likely outcomes of various patterns
  • learn about behaviours and patterns
  • access creativity
  • find your basic life quest
  • MORE!

Using the 78-card collection of symbols known as the Tarot, James facilitates an insightful consultation which honours your soul and your power of choice. You and James create the session together – a blend of his Tarot knowledge and intuition and your questions & guided interaction with the images. It’s a process of supportive feedback.

You will not hear fatalistic superstitious nonsense about luck, prince/ess charming, or being rescued by alien soul-mate saviours.

You will experience a balance of spirituality and practicality. James’ consultations assist you to envision and mould your life constructively.

His clients say that these sessions are uplifting and helpful, that they go into the world feeling clear and focused.

Your time with James can be in person, by telephone, or by email, all by appointment. You can have a consultation as often or as seldom as you wish.

Tarot consultations are not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counselling. The information provided is not legally binding.