james’ fees for tarot consultations

James offers a variety of consultation lengths to suit your concerns and/or budget.


  • 15-minute Quick Focus
    (avail. by phone or email only).
  • half-hour
  • one hour
  • one and a half hours
  • corporate management

$$45 Canadian, $35 U.S.

$80 Canadian or $70 U.S.
$150 Canadian or $140 U.S.
$220 Canadian or $210 U.S.
$1000 Canadian per day or $900 U.S. per day (six hours per day)

FREE SESSION: If you have six full (one hour or longer) consultations within a six-month period, your seventh session is FREE!

Payment, in Canadian funds, is by cash, cheque, or money order, payable to James Wells.

Consultations by telephone or email are prepaid by money order or registered cheque.

Tarot consultations are not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counselling. The information provided is not legally binding.