reiki with james

  • Take time out for YOU.
  • Nourish your body/mind.
  • Feel relaxed and balanced.

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century as a means of self-healing. Its roots are in traditional Chinese medicine and aspects of Buddhism.

In a Reiki session, you lie down or sit, fully-clothed. You can have soft music in the background or enjoy our time together in silence. I gently lay my hands on several places on your body to offer qi (pronounced “chee”), or bio-energy, to your meridians (energy channels). You will use this energy
on whatever level – physical, emotional, or mental – is appropriate for you at the moment. Reiki is non-invasive: there is no manipulation of any kind involved. It is a pure unconditional offering of qi without attachment to outcome. To conclude the session, you are revived from your relaxed state with gentle squeezes to the arms and legs. The total “hands-on” time for offering Reiki averages 40 minutes, with a chance to talk briefly about your experience at the end.

You may have a Reiki session as often, or as seldom, as you choose. Home and office visits are available in Toronto.

james’ fees for reiki sessions

one . . . $75

package of four . . . $265

james fees for learning reiki

Level One: Reiki Healing Basics. $400.
Precepts, hand positions, treatment of self & others, group treatment, self-cleansing & self-healing techniques, and four empowerments (attunements). Two follow-up practice sessions are included. Prerequisite: receive at least one Reiki treatment.

Level Two: Healing Beyond Time & Space. $500.
Precepts, the three symbols & mantras and their uses, traditional energy-generating and self-empowerment meditation, three empowerments (attunements). Two follow-up practice sessions are included. Prerequisite: proficiency in Level One.

Level Three: Deeper Self-Empowerment. $600.
Precepts, the fourth symbol & mantra and its uses, more self-cleansing & self-healing techniques, three empowerments (attunements). Two follow-up practice sessions are included. Prerequisite: proficiency in Levels One and Two.

Level Four: Teacher/”Master” Level. $3000.
One year (minimum) committment. Assist at classes & lectures, what to teach at each level, precepts, usage of symbols & mantras, how to perform empowerments, four empowerments (attunements). Includes 12 monthly practice and coaching sessions. Prerequisite: proficiency in all previous Levels.

After your initial two practice sessions, you may wish to continue to practice Reiki in a supportive setting. These Circles include hands-on practice, traditional energy-building & self-empowering meditation, and Reiju (empowerment) to keep your Reiki connection clear and strong. $20 per visit.