“The most insightful, awakening tarot card reading I have ever had is by James. Being a learned professional, he gently encourages the insight necessary to gain the awareness sought. Brilliant!” ~ S. Fletcher

“James’ readings have always been realistic and geared toward better insight of oneself. He knows that the answers lie within each person, and he helps to bring them out in his readings. His readings are always spot on, even when it’s something I perhaps don’t want to hear. I trust James implicitly. My world is much better for having him in it.” ~ Dr. R. Johnston

“My first reading with James was in 1998. I have come to treasure that experience as one which moved me and made me look inside myself in a way I had never done before. James is a caring, insightful and honest individual who is truly interested in helping one gain the most they can from a reading. I trust him as I trust very few. He has my respect.” ~ J. L’argent

“Since 2001, I have gone to James for help in planning and carrying out my business. His forecasting has reassured me that I am travelling in the right direction, and circumstances are as forecasted. He is so “bang on” with what has evolved, that I can only describe it as “really scary”. I recommend James’ services to anyone. His experience can help you along your journey.”
~ N. Van Sickle

“You have consistently been the most accurate reader I have had a reading with. You always give me the area I most need to focus on and the outcome is always right on target. The timing for the occurrence of events is often times “scary”. Thanks so much for the great readings!” ~ M. Giampa

“For several years, I have had the privilege of receiving Tarot consultations from James. He never ceases to astound me with his level of accuracy, sensitivity, and intuitive ability. It is evident that James is a long-time student of the Tarot – he brings to his readings a marriage of tradition and innovation. I appreciate the fact that James has developed many of his own Tarot spreads and processes. I would gladly recommend him without any reservations to everyone I know.” ~ B. Haskins

“My reading with James was empowering and put my mind at ease. The reading was interactive and helped me to realize that we always have choices. I highly recommend that people work with James to help open doors in their lives.” ~ C. Asselin

“My first professional tarot reading was with James. Right off the bat, he made me feel comfortable and safe. Questions are answered in a gentle manner, and he’s always patient. James draws you into the reading and gives explanations and clarifications which help you to understand your part in manifesting the reading in your life. James’ sense of humour really helps. His vast knowledge-base provides information to take with you after the reading. I’m glad I chose James Wells for my first reading, and I would definitely choose him again!” ~ G. Miner

Tarot consultations are not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counselling. The information provided is not legally binding.